Giulio Giovannoni

Giulio Giovannoni is an architect and urban planner, with a PhD. from the University of Florence, where he is a tenured As- sociate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. Giovannoni teaches urban design studios and courses in urban theory and landscape urbanism. He is a former research fellow at the Johns Hopkins University, and a former visiting scholar at the Gradu- ate School of Design, Harvard University. He is currently (2019- 2020) associate visiting professor at the College of Environmen- tal Desing, UC Berkeley. He is a founder and co-director of the scholarly association, Cross-disciplinary Urban Spaces. He has lectured widely and is the author of numerous publications, in- cluding his most recent book, (2017) “Tuscany beyond Tuscany: Rethinking the City from the Periphery”.

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches

La Città Intermedia | La Ciudad Intermedia

Tuscany beyond Tuscany