The origins of the earth and man
Oasis Ecosystem | Project to combat desertification 
and for management of water resources
Lake Turkana, Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, North Kenya
lorenzo vallerini
This publication is the result of the project Community Action for Improved Drought Response and Resilience – CAIDRR (SHARE – KENYA) funded by European Union (reference: FED/2014/349-712). Partnership Agreement VSF-Gemany (Grantee) and Water Right Foundation (WRF) (Partner) of the 27/01/2015 ‘Conservation and Reconstruction of the Oasis Ecosystem of Loiyangalani Project to Combat Desertification and for Water Resources Management, 2015- 2018’.
Lorenzo Vallerini,  architect and landscape architect, is the Coordinator and Scientific Coordinator of the Oasis Ecosystem project. He taught Landscape Architecture at the DIDA-Department of Architecture of the University of Florence between 1990 and 2015. He has carried out research and projects at both the national and international level on topics related to landscape planning and design at various scales. During an intense professional activity that has lasted for over thirty years he has been involved in the drafting of plans and studies concerning the territory, the  environmental insertion of large infrastructures and the design of parks and urban public spaces. He is the author of more than seventy publications and eight books (research, professional experiences and theoretical essays).
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