Sustainable Birth Village in Africa for Mother and Child  
davide neroni
This project is focused on the design of a sustainable birth village for mothers and child in Sub-Saharan Africa. Is a prototype of an ideological village adaptable in different areas, where everything is made for the community with the idea of a participatory project. First of all it has been made some analasys about geo-political, economic and education situation, secondly, the attention moves on the health-care situation with properly strategies for improve their condition. After that a research about vernacular and modern architecture in Africa has been made with the aim of design something contemporary but also respectful of local tradition. The final result is a mix of all these studies, totally enviromental-friendly and economic, made with local and traditional materials, a place where mothers can receive health-care services and social ones, all of that in rural areas where often there is a lack of it.
Davide Neroni, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), 1992. He studied Architecture at the University of Camerino, graduated at bachelor degree in 2014, studying a sustainable school in Ivory Coast with Professor Massimo Perriccioli. In 2017 he had the Master’s degree in the International Course of Architecture and he graduates with honors and recommendation for publication with Professor Maria Chiara Torricelli, Professor Nicoletta Setola and Professor Alvaro Valera Sosa. Passionate about rammed earth , African culture and building technology, introduced a sperimental thesis about sustainable birth village for mothers and child in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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