High altitude houses
Vernacular Architecture of Ladakh
edoardo paolo ferrari
High Altitude Houses is a first comprehensive study on the domestic architecture of Ladakh which analyses its many and varied aspects. The monograph is based on the master thesis: “A Fading Legacy: Ladakh’s Vernacular Architecture” and a 8 months mission in Ladakh over two years. The research starts from an overview of the environmental, socio-cultural and historical factors which influenced life in this Himalayan region. Settlements and buildings were accordingly shaped and evolved in this cross-cultural area through the centuries. The house is a multifunctional artefact, which materializes people’s needs and which has been in a process of transformation. The house is therefore examined not only in relation to the past, but according to the many changes, particularly hastened in the last three to four decades. The domestic spaces are investigated according to their functions, different usages and location. The house as a whole is also read through its symbolical meanings.
Edoardo Paolo Ferrari is an architect graduated from the University of Florence in 2016. He is committed to the study of vernacular architecture, local materials and natural construction technologies. He always pairs theory with on-field research and work on building sites. His focuses on architecture are plural and include: history, art, environment, religion and anthropology. He is an eager traveler that lived in India and studied also in Turkey at the Istanbul Technical University, now in the process of preparing for a PhD research. Drawing, photography and sculpture have been his long time passions practiced along with the academic study of architecture and design.
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