Cross-Disciplinary Approaches
to Italian Urban Space
giulio giovannoni | silvia ross
Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Italian Urban Space examines the city and its environment through theoretically-informed essays stemming from a variety of disciplines, including urban planning, architecture, cultural geography, architectural history, heritage studies, film studies, literary studies and photography. Contributions focus on the representation of urban space in modern and contemporary society, featuring primarily Italian cities such as Turin, Milan, Florence, Marghera and Naples. Readers will benefit from the juxtaposition of the diverse approaches to urban environments provided by this collection of essays by international scholars. Chapters include analyses of spatial theory in relation to the urban sphere (Lefebvre, Foucault, Augé), environmental concerns (climate change and urban environments; heritage studies), and explore the representation of the city in novels, travelogues, film and photography, paying attention to key questions such as identity, transnationalism and gender.
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