Caribbean Unveiled
The Caritalents Youth and Territory Project in Barbados and Dominica
raffaele paloscia, michele morbidoni, simone spellucci
The clear, steady, peaceful water of the Caribbean sea, customary depicted in old postcards or in touristic advertises, doesn’t account properly of the turbid tides and waves which are shaking the human and physical landscape of the Lesser Antilles. Unavoidable social, economic, cultural and natural appear as local echoes of the major impulses of climate change and markets globalisation. In different ways, the islands of Barbados and Dominica share the common duty of keeping the course on that stormy sea made up of threats and opportunities; this by caring of not losing inadvertently the huge treasures hidden by the centuries of a tough history to be safely kept in their territories, nowadays progressively disregarded to forgotten. Deprived of the references provided by the local heritage, the uneasy enhancement of the composite identity of the islands is at risk. Their fault can lead to territorial fragility, cultural impoverishment, economic vulnerability and social disintegration.
Raffaele Paloscia, Professor at University of Florence/DIDA, Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (2003-09), Director of LabPSM, he 
co-ordinated several international researches and cooperation projects in the Global South. He is author of various publications on territorial heritage and participatory planning in the southern countries. 

Michele Morbidoni, Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florence, Contract Professor at the University of Camerino. As independent researcher, he focuses its interests on the sustainability of settlements, planning, and urban practices, which often he investigates with a propensity for aesthetic matters.

Simone Spellucci, Architect, Ph.D and Postdoc in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florence. As independent researcher he deals with innovative communication tools and territorial systems, focusing on graphic design, comic and illustration.
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