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In its delicate religious crossroads, with its reflections of political issues which here assume the size of a more physical than moral fact, and in its division of its unity, Jerusalem is a city capable of carrying the strength of a remote spatiality whose traces become one with the re-worked topography over time from architecture. There is an underlayer which has had the force of various moments of conquest overlapping on top of it, transforming it, over the centuries, with regards to its topological fortuity of a living organism. Within this teeming vagueness, we can catch sight of “fires” of urban recognizability. This is a city where the perspective is absent, where a glimpse is a conquest, where everything is not announced but “found” in its compactness of an absorbing mass — with some rare and impressive exceptions — every emergence within a uniform body, where empty space are nothing more than its subtractions.
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